Based in Bedfordshire, Dawn works predominantly in oils, and her practice also includes exploring the subtleties of drawing, and incorporating other materials like gold leaf into her artworks.  

Dawn trained for many years in studio with painter Rosa Branson MBE, learning the oil painting methods and materials of the Old Masters, after previously gaining a thorough grounding in the exploration of draughtsmanship through drawing and observation.  She combines traditional painting techniques with exploring more contemporary methods, and uses these to express her unique creative vision of the mysteries and beauty of light.

Known for creating realistic paintings of delicate still life scenes bathed in light, and studies of magnified flowers with sparkling raindrops, Dawn paints using layers and glazes of oil colour to capture calm moments, and dreamlike essences of the natural world.  Through her painting and drawings she captures brief details of fleeting reveries, often combining imagination with fragments of reality.

Having achieved a BA Fine Art Degree and Postgraduate Psychology Diploma, Dawn uses her experiences of deep inner reflection as a basis for the creation of each of her artworks, with an ultimate focus on understanding and exploring notions of beauty and the sublime.

Dawn is currently being represented by The Hunter Gallery, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.  Please click here to visit their website